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Laser beam is weak

Hi guys,
The machine has been working for a couple of months but since yesterday the laser doesn't get full works I can see the beam but it is very weak also when I try to refocus again..I see just a very very weak beam.
If I had to guess I would say it's an FFC problem and it's connectors to the laser part. When I move the ffc wire just a little the laser fan stops working and if I move a little again it starts moving again.
I also checked the main board the ffc wire is well connected and the laser power is set right(011011).

Any help?



  • Hi Fabio,

    The fan stopping when you move the cable would indicate it is an FFC problem.

    Replacement FFCs can be ordered directly from our store here:

    Please email me your order number once you have placed the order and I will ensure it is dispatched as quickly as possible.
  • I've got the new FFC this morning and replaced it with the old one. Now all the connections seem stable..the fan always work but I have always the same problem..the laser beam is weak, it doesn't do any job on the piece of wood. I've tried to refocus many times..nothing. When I focus the beam is very very weak, I remember when I that in the past when I was focusing the beam used to be very visible.
    How do you guys diagnostic this?
  • Hi Fabio,

    We will contact you directly about a replacement laser unit.

    Potentially the intermittent fault in the FFC could have damaged the laser diode.
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