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Supported file formats

Hi there, I did post this on the PicEngrave forums as well, but I didn't get a response. Figure you guys will probably know too. I'm having an issue with compatibility. I've saved out a few BMP files for use in the program with Photoshop CC and for some reason PicLaser Lite is still not accepting them as BMPs (or the right type of BMPs at least). Do you know whether it's picky about the colour depth? Photoshop gives the option from 1 to 32 bit - the default being 24. Should I try the other bit depths or give up and use Windows Paint?

Thanks in advance if anyone knows the answer to this one!



  • Hi Alexander,

    This is good question and have sent it directly to the PicEngrave team for clarification. They are usually lightning fast at answering questions but it is the holiday season so stand by.

    We use photoshop to scale and tweak our BMPs before running them through PLL.

    The format we save out our BMPs to are:
    (from Image/Mode menu)
    RGB Color

    (when saving)
    File Format = Windows
    Depth = 24 bit
    Compress (RLE) = NOT selected
    Flip row order = NOT selected

    Let us know if this helps.
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    Hi Alex,

    John did respond to this question on our forum 2 days ago, but we received no more responses from you if it was resolved.

    We have Corel Photo Paint and in there it has two different bitmap formats you can save the file in. Windows BMP or OS/2. You need to save in 8bit Gray Scale, or 24bit Color as John stated.

    John's quote:

    "there is likely a setting where you can choose different output file formats when converting your images. Most image editing programs allow similar choices."

    You need to save in Windows bmp format, not OS/2 or any other. There has to be a setting for this in Photoshop when saving the image.


  • Oh I'm sorry, Jeff! I was expecting a email if I got a response to that (I'm terrible at remembering to check things). I'm spoiled by technology, it's making me lazy.

    I went and had a look. I'll pick up PicEdit and come back if I'm still having issues. Thank you so much!
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