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3D Printer file for Emblaser legs

Is there any chance we could get the 3d printer file that's used for the black legs of the Emblaser? I was thinking it might be nice to modify that file to make the legs taller in order to accommodate taller objects.


  • I'd also be interested in the file but for the totally opposite reason, I'm looking for shorter legs. Alternatively I would be happy to purchase shorter legs from the store, or even standard replacement ones I could modify.
  • You could install something thicker (MDF?) on top of the aluminum base rather than messing with the legs.
  • I would like to be able to place the emblazer on large items (i.e. middle of a dinner table) without any base just legs. I would prefer not to mess with the legs, especially as I only have the one set...
  • edited November 2015
    Ah, I see. Sounds like an idea with potential. With shorter legs the clear acrylic side pieces would also have to be shortened a bit but it's probably possible.

    Edited to add ... I just had a closer look at the machine. It looks like just taking the base and rubber feet off might work without shorter legs
  • I haven't had the base or rubber feet on my machine since I got it. Unfortunately with the legs as long as they are I have not been able to get the focus correct with the unit sitting on the item (i.e. I can't place the emblazer on a table top and engrave as the table top is too far away).

    Has someone ingenious come up with a solution to this?
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