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Laser turns off, but motors keeps moving

I had two projects do the exact same things tonight. Right around the 75% mark, the laser itself shut off, but the motors continued along with the code. You can see on the light bulb project that when I turned the laser back on, the entire project apparently shifted down and to the right for some reason. Anyone have any idea as to why this is happening? I've been using PicEngrave Pro 5 almost exclusively since I got my Emblaser, and this is the first time this has happened - twice in one night. It's about 5.5 hours wasted, so any help would be greatly appreciated.IMG_1939


  • Things to check:
    1: Is the laser guard installed correctly. If not, it may momentarily disengage the interlock and turn off the laser.
    This would be obvious because your 'Laser' LED will be flashing and the laser will be in disabled mode when this happened.

    The motors will continue moving as normal.

    2: Is the FFC fully inserted into its connectors. As above, a momentary disconnection by one of the contact could cause this.

    3: Can you post the .nc file or email it directly to us to check?
  • Here are both of the .nc files. I'll double check the connections as well.
  • I just viewed both your gcode files in a simulator and could not see any problems with either of them.

    I did notice that your images were not Dithered first. It will save you on engraving time because you could set the feedrate at 170IPM and use a 60%
    Feedrate Change. In white areas it would run at 170IPM with no laser power and in black areas it would slow to 68IPM and burn at full power.

    Here is a video of our EmBlaser engraving a Dithered image this way

  • Dustin,

    Have you resolved this issue yet?
  • It seems like I have Jeffery. I unplugged the FFC and reseated it in both connectors, and that seemed to have fixed the issue. Thanks everyone. Now on to the belt tension issue.
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