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4 watt Laser Unit added to store

He have just approved the new 4 watt Laser Unit for sale.

Here is the direct link:

This unit uses a new more powerful laser diode that comfortably produces at least 4 watts of laser power with the Emblaser board set to 3 amp output.

We will have more information being made available very soon with respect to its cutting performance etc.

For now, we have very limited stock and have only announced it to existing customers.

The Darkly Labs Team



  • More Information about performance would be appreciated because i´m very close to ordering that :)
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    Hi! I have the 4 watt. I am still figuring out what settings are optimal, as soon as I do I will post some results.

    I have a question for Darkly labs. Can I adjust the power settings like I have seen in posts here for the 3 watt? If so what is the recommended highest I can go to without effecting the laser life?

    To elaborate, I have seen that the diode can be run between 2.2-2.3 amps - is this the same for the 4 watt?
  • Hi received the new diode pretty still waiting for mine to be ready to ship out.

    As per the data sheet of this diode, the max current is 3.5 amps...but as the emablaser board can deliver 3 amps..I believe you can set the current to 3 amps.

    However it would be safer to wait for @DarklyLabs to confirm the same.
  • MB,
    On the current Emblaser boards you can comfortably set the maximum current setting to 3 amps and this laser diode will handle it well. This is all the switches in the 'on' position.

  • @darklylabs: when can we expect to receive information on cutting performance of this 4 watt laser unit? also can you share some settings that could be used as a guideline - like settings for some materials like cutting copy paper, 3mm ply etc.
  • Working on it now.

    We had some things come in last week that took us away from it but I will work on getting this into our in the next couple of days.
  • Received the 4 watt today and should have it installed and a few test runs on 3 ply Baltic birch by Wednesday evening. I'll pass along the results.
  • Received and test ran the 4 watt last night and this morning. It appears I can cut 3mm 3-ply Baltic Birch at 100% with a feed rate of 10-20 in/min in 4 passes. Seems to be half what others were able to accomplish with the 3 watt.
  • Any news from Darkly Labs about testing the 4 Watt? I´m on the fence about ordering one since it got announced...
  • Michael,

    This sounds like the vicinity of what we are achieving. A lot of it comes down to the way the ply is manufactured, but we generally achieve the following:

    3mm ply (birch)
    4 watt laser unit
    3 amps max current setting
    500mm/min (approx 20in/min)
    3-4 passes to completely cut through.

    As you mention, this is about double the performance over the 3 watt laser unit.

  • Helmut,

    We haven't had access to the microscope we normally use to determine kerf sizes and are awaiting on an alternative to arrive this week. Hence the delay in publishing results.

    Overall, with the 3 element glass lens we are getting 'close' to double the performance over the standard 3 watt laser unit.

  • Double the Performance sounds great :) Thanks for the feedback. Nice to see that you´re constantly working on improving the Emblaser. I guess i will order the new laser tomorrow.
  • Darkly - when you say you are "getting 'close' to double the performance over the standard 3 watt laser" is that in cutting ability only? I'm just about ready to order the new laser head but I don't want to loose any resolution in engraving which is great on the existing laser.


  • I am pretty impressed with the 4 watt resolution but still very new to the world of laser engraving. Does adding wattage become problematic when it comes to resolution and if so can you adjust speed and power to compensate?
  • These were a few test runs on 1/16 and 1/8 Baltic using the 4 watt and 3 element glass lens.
    image.jpeg 1.6M
  • Looking good Michael.

    The resolution all comes down to the 'shape' of laser the diode creates. The ideal shape of the laser would be perfectly circular. This means all the light could be focused down to a very small pin point.

    In reality, laser diodes tend to emit an elliptical shaped beam. This means some of the effectiveness is lost as it cannot be perfectly focused.

    We try to compensate for this by choosing the best lens for each diode. You will hear that G2 lenses allow more light power through than a 3 element glass lens, but they cannot focus the laser as well, so some of the benefit is lost.

    Beam shape is not directly related to power, but it does seem that the higher the power the more non-symmetrical the beam is with the diodes we have been dealing with.

    There is really no way to overcome this by adjusting anything such as speed or power etc.

    Hope that helps you understand it a little better.
  • Hi Daryl,

    Definitely close to double in cutting performance.

    The kerf is larger than the 3 watt but I can't quote you by how much just yet until we check it under our scope.

    We use the 4 watt for 90% of our tasks these days. It may not have the same resolution as the 3 watt, but for the most part this is not noticeable in engravings unless you are trying to engrave extremely small. It's extra power results is faster feed-rates and hence quicker results.
  • @DarklyLabs: I understand that "double in cutting performance" means it can cut faster.. does it also mean that we can cut thicker materials?
  • The way to look at it is that it makes cutting thicker materials more effective.

    I know that sounds cryptic, but for instance the 3 watt unit could cut 3mm ply slowly in 8ish passes. The new 4 watts can cut the same in 3ish passes.

    There is still a limitation to how thick it can cut. Cutting 5mm ply is still not feasible for instance, not only because it would take a long time but the depth of the material is beyond the focus range of the laser.

    These diodes and lens setups have a 3-4ish mm focus range where cutting is very efficient. After this the laser power becomes less effective because the beam is not as concentrated.

    For balsa wood this is not as important because the material is soft, but it becomes critical for dense materials such as wood etc.

    Hope that makes sense...
  • I made a focus tool .045" thick which gives me more reliable cutting with 3mm ply. I have ordered the 4W laser and look forward to fitting it and putting it to good use in one of my for cutting one for engraving. :-)
  • Can you share a picture of the tool? Greatly appreciated in advance.
  • Michael, It is just a copy of the flat focus tool that you use to adjust the height of your laser to your material. The standard tool is about .055" thick. Any flat material at around .045" will do the job.
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    i have a q . i buy different types of wood blanks from in one of my videos i cut a 1/8 walnut with only 2 passes with 100 and 200 speed.
    is walnut made thinner is that why im able to cut in less passes and only using 3w laser?
  • No, different grain structures in timber require different speed/power. Also the glue in plywood inhibits the cutting ability of the laser. Generally, solid timber the same thickness as plywood will cut easier. (But there are exceptions)
  • Maybe we should start a post so we can sell our 3w and we can upgrade to 4w . It's only been 2 weeks lol wish I knew this was coming. Hey darkly do you do trade ins.? :) jk
  • I've ordered my 4W but the 3W will be good to keep as a spare........just in case! I run two Emblasers (A4 & A3)
  • Would it be possible to add an option to the store to replace the three element lens with a G2 lens? As a lot of us are upgrading from the three watt laser module it would be nice to avoid having duplicate lenses.
  • Are there any instructions how to upgrade to 4W after we purchased it ? Like more to the setting on the board, etc.
  • Yes.
    The 4 watt laser unit comes with instructions.

    They are also available from our Help Centre:

    /Darkly Labs Support/Getting Started/Manuals/

    This section is available once you are logged in.
  • Thank you.
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