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Centering Issues x Mechanical adjustments

I´m constantly experimenting issues when it comes to center the image right onto the piece to be engraved.
Its the third time I get the engraving positioned a little bit ( 1,5mm in average) to the right. I realized that one of the possible reason to that, is related to the belts tension adjustment. In the very first time this issue was presented, I adjusted the belts a little bit tighter, in order to make both of the axis get to the base plate at the same time, as the procedure described in the manual.
Apparently the issue went away...
The problem is that from time to time, the belts turn to get loosen again...and the image goes out of center one more time.
I would like to know if is it possible the belts are defective, or any other mechanical issue that could be repaired with spare parts or any kind of adjustment?

This time, I tried to do the opposite. instead of tightening one of the belts, I loosen the other one, to the point of both black plastic pieces got to the base plate at the same time. Consequently I had to redefine my x0,y0. Did I do right?


  • It is not common for the belts to stretch or come loose.

    Can you make a note of the amount of teeth of belt are protruding from the laser carriage so you can check if the teeth are slipping here next time you notice it happening?

    Loosening or tightening the belts could both work as long as alignment is correct. It is important to note that too loose and you will get repeatability errors. Too tight and you may cause the motors to miss steps.

    Please let us know if and when it happens again.
  • Hey DarklyLabs....I recently realized that the laser head is moving in the x axis around 1,5mm. I'm gonna check its fixation screws and see if the issue stops. Thanks!
  • Hi There. The issue actually, is the laser head aluminium trail moving laterally around the plastic 3D printed support. I mean, every time I raise or lower the laser head in order to achieve the correct focus for the different superficies to be engraved, it also changes its horizontal position. Is there a way to fix it, or could you guys send me a spare part? Thank you!
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