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Marking Stainless Steel

Did some testing today using Dry Moly spray on stainless steel. Works OK but need 100% power 100mm/min so it's a slow process. The moly seems to have bonded really well. Spray can be removed with Shellite leaving only the text behind. Might be quicker once I get my hands on the new laser when it's released. :-)


  • This will probably work very well with our new 4w laser unit.

    What exactly is Dry Moly spray and where did you source it from?

    We have tested Thermark, which is spray that bonds to metals when lasered with mixed results.
  • It is a dry molybond lubricant and I sourced it on Ebay from an Adelaide supplier. Spray it on and it is dry in about 10 minutes and ready for the Emblaser. (I think 2 coats of Moly would be better) The dry Moly would should be available from any bearing supply store under various brand names but I'm a bit isolated here so got mine from

    Yep pondering the purchase of the new 4W head.
  • Just ordered some.

    I'll post the results with the 4w unit when tested.
  • THANKS that would be great. Do you have any test results between the current head and the 4w version? I'm looking at speed increase for cutting 3ply.
  • Although we have been testing it for a bit now, we haven't conducted formal 'controlled' testing yet. This is what we are doing now.

    Overall, we estimate it close to doubles the cutting performance of the 3 watt laser unit.

    What used to take us 8 passes to cut with the 3 watt now only takes us 4 with the 4 watt unit.

  • Tried CRC Dry Moly Lube on Nickel Silver Disc (18%) using 50mm/min at 100% one pass with no effect.
  • Mmmm that's interesting. I have not tried it on any other material other than stainless steel.
  • Hi Daryl, it is very interesting you're tests!
    I found here in Brazil a similar product of Dry Moly, with the same component (molybdenum disulfide), but Shellite it´s not possible to find. On a quick search on google, I found that the Shellite is an explosive component or an "Australian form of Naphtha". I believe that the second one is the correct one!
    Do you know if any solvent based in petroleum will work?

  • Rafael, Yes you are correct Shellite is the brand name for Naphtha. Is that available to you in Brazil? You could also try Acetone......(Nail polish remover)
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    i dont understand why is it taking so many passes for everyone to cut 3mm i use 100 mm/m and 95% and it cuts at 1 pass with 3watt isnt 3mm equal to 1/8 inches
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