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Mustang Engraving

edited December 2014 in PicEngrave
This engraving was run at 90IPM (2286mm/min), Minimum setting 10, Maximum setting 210, .006" (.1524mm) Pixel Resolution and engraved at a 45D angle.


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Happy New Year Everyone!


  • Looks pretty great!

    What's the difference of having the pictures engraved at 45D angle compared to vertical and horizontal? I haven't managed to engrave anything yet (haven't got the time to get some plywood) so cannot run any testing.

    Happy New Year too!
  • Thanks,

    Our laser beam is focused down to .005" (.127mm) so if I engrave horizontal or vertical, I will have to use a .005" Pixel resolution (step over) to keep un-burnt lines from showing up in the engraving. At 45D angle, I can use a .006" (.1524mm) Pixel Resolution instead because the lines will slightly overlap at 45D which will take less time to engrave.

    Happy New Year to you too!
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