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Laser Head Fan


my Laser Head Fan is making a strange sound and getting hot. I think the bearing of the fan is bad.
Is this a standard 40mm fan? If I order from Darklylabs, the shipping may be higher than the value of the fan itself...

If you could give me some data about the fan I can order it locally.



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    We replaced ours with this fan.

    It has a higher CFM than the original fan which cools and blows the smoke away better. It's within the 300ma specs the board can handle, but does require splicing in the plug from the original fan and longer 3mm screws to mount it.

    If you decide on one of these fans, I also recommend adding one of these to it. The fan spins allot faster then the original and will bite you if you get your finger in it.
  • The fan specs are:

  • Thanks for your answers.
    Unfortunately amazon + shipping to Switzerland is a hard thing to achieve... Only a little percentage of sellers on amazon ship to Switzerland. I will try to find a fan within these specs at local distributors. I work at an electronic parts manufacturer so I have access to a lot of local distributors. Since it seems that this is a standard fan I'm sure I will find something suitable.

    And the protection grill is a very good idea. I had my fingers in the fan a few times because I thought it is a good idea to switch the machine on and do the focussing after that :-P

  • If you can't find it easily, I just did a quick check and it will be approximately $20usd delivered to Switzerland from our store.

    Our new fans are 150mA versions as opposed to the original 90mA.
  • @DarklyLabs

    Ok thank you. I will see if I can order it locally. Otherwise I will order from your online store. Could you also give me the specs for the electronic-cooling fan? I plugged out the laser fan and discovered that the other one is also making a noise which sounds suspiciously like this fan will also be history soon... :(

  • The chassis fan is exactly the same except 50mm size.
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