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One of my designs on 210 GSM card stock

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- material: 210 GSM A4 Card stock (Quill Brand, available at Officeworks)
- passes: 1
- power: 100%
- feed: 600 mm/min
- current: 1.8A
- cut size: 8x10 inch
- cutting time: 40 mins


This is an 8x10 inch design cut from 210 GSM A4 cardstock.
It'll be backed with coloured card, or handpainted watercolour paper to sell online.

I also tried it at varying power/speed settings,
The settings above gave the smoothest result with cleanest cuts.

- at 1,000mm/min @ 100% power (approx 30mins cutting time) you get a very similar result, but a few of the tiny cuts had to be removed from the card by hand as the cuts become a little more jagged (from the faster stepping of the motors I'm guessing?) Still, an acceptable result and worthwhile.

- at 1,400 mm/min @ 100% power (approx 20mins cutting time) cuts become too jagged and the too many of the pieces have to be removed from the card by hand. Not worthwhile at this speed.

I increased the maximum current to 2.2amps, as suggested, and that allows cuts to happen at much higher speeds. Tested at 1800mm/min and shaved a couple more minutes off the cutting time, **BUT** the cuts are not smooth, and negate the speed increase in smaller/detailed work. And in an odd observation, this design is symmetrical, but you can see the cuts on the right side are more jagged than the left. A design with straighter cuts would probably benefit hugely from the increase, but small detailed work needs a slower cleaner cut speed for best results.

Still fun to test what it can do though :)



  • Great work and thank you for sharing the details.

    If you have to produce more of these faster, you might consider increasing the maximum current to 2.2amps.

    Keep sharing the great work!
  • edited September 2015
    I was reading about increasing the current today. Want to run some thicker card through it as well, around 400 GSM, so it might help. I'll increase it and update when tested.
  • This is really awesome, can you share the NC file ?
  • Sorry Mark, it's the file I'll be using to create a commercial product so I can't share it.
  • Hi Vincent...if you lift up the paper you are cutting by about 2mm; it sometimes helps to get smoother cuts..
  • Thanks for the info, Joel, I'll give that a try too.
  • No problem - understood.

    Great job regardless
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