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Sacrificial Base Board Material?

Can anyone get some insight in what material (non-wood) to use as a sacrificial baseboard that can be glued or sticked on the ionised baseplate. And should be able to engrave a grid on it? And where to get this kind of material?

Thanks Julien


  • Hi all,

    I am sure a lot of people missed this discussion but I am sure a lot of people probably have an answer.

    Thanks Julien
  • Julien,
    Artist canvas engraves easily with a laser. It might work as you want. Jeff Woodcock first used it to engrave grayscale images using our software, and I have done several images, too. You might try a small sample of it to see if it will work as you want. Please be aware that it does burn with a more "sooty" residue than wood.
  • Thanks for your reply John. I think my request was not that clear. The requirement is that I need to position material each run at the same spot because I need to engrave the front and back. I glanced at a comment of Domenic in the past but I cannot find it anymore. He mentioned some kind of material which you can put on the base plate and then engrave a grid onto it. Anyone?
  • I was thinking you could burn a grid into the artist canvas.

    I was using masking tape stuck to the base plate with my reference marks burned onto it. When I finished, I removed and replaced the tape if I had to move the zero for the next job. I have since added a sacrificial base of .25 inch plywood.
  • I was using 6mm plywood too but it does not stay properly flat.

    In addition, the aluminium baseplate is flexible and can bend as you try to get your material flat (usually 3mm plywood in my case)

    My next plan is to replace the entire aluminium base with 19mm mdf - one that is larger than the emblaser so I can use it as a base for a cover for when it's not in use. The 19mm mdf should theoretically stay flat no matter what.
  • Step 1. I have a piece of 16mm MDF sitting under the baseplate cut to size so it just sits inside the feet. (The feet overhang the MDF) This stops the issue of the aluminium flexing.
    Step 2. I use malemine covered chipboard as the sacrificial board attached with double sided tape to the aluminium base plate. It is surprisingly cheap and stays perfectly flat. Zylantha, most of my work is also 3mm ply or hardwood. By the way most hardwood cuts much easier and cleaner than ply.
  • I just finished engraving my new base plate. It's made of 2mm stainless steel, engraved with help of marking liquid "MarkSolid 015".
  • Thank you Danyel. Beautiful job on the base plate, btw.
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