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Black burn triangle problem - PEP5+ wrong settings ?

I am sorry to ask perhaps too many questions on the forum in few days but I am a beginner !
I really want to make good work with PEP5+ and Emblaser (A3).
But I am a little bit lost in all settings and softwares ...

To begin slowly, I try to engrave Rob roy picture.
Unfortunately, each time, Emblaser burn a little triangle but no picture ...
I have read several time tutorials on forum but I can't find where is the problem.

I set PEP+ like manual but always same problem.
Perhaps UGS not so good than Picsender.
I order PicSender but license number was not yet send.

In first time, I want to engrave little logos (1 inch long) on wood (like Nike or Coca-cola).
I try tutorial with Cut2D Laser but speed to fast, maybee PEP5+ would be better for little pictures logo.
Thank you very much for your help !

P1040650.JPG 145.5K


  • Hi Thierry,

    We are here to help, so ask us all the questions that is necessary to get you up to speed.

    Here is a thread with suggested PicEngrave Pro 5 settings. You will need to adjust your feedrate and min/max laser power values for the material you're going to engrave. It's a trial & error process to get the best results.

    It's very important to get the smallest focal point as possible with your EmBlaser also. The Pixel Resolution (step over) setting is important for the size of the focal point. Anything smaller than .01" (.254mm) you will need to resize your image in the editor, then save it.

    If your logos have no shades (just Back & White), then you will need to Dither the image first in the editor. There are 11 different Algorithms to choose from. We use Atkinson mostly.

    When using a Dithered image, set your feedrate high and use a Min 3rd Axis Depth of 0 and Max 255. Select the Feed Rate Change and set a percentage less than full. 50%? You will need the experiment with this percentage for the material you will be engraving on. Select the Skip White Bkgnd.

    What this will do is, black areas will slow at full power and speed up in white areas at no power. If there is white around the outside areas of your logo, it will not generate any moves there to save on engraving time.

    Did UGS just stop there when running the gcode file?

    Darkly Labs is in another time zone then we are, so as soon as they send us your PicSender purchase information, we will email the registration key to you.

  • Hi Jeff,

    thank you for your quick reply.

    I made few photos and a screen capture of my settings.

    Let me know what you think about quality result (focal point).

    I used poplar plywood.

    I am worry because I can't engrave any image ...

    Emblaser seems beginning engravement but after making a little triangle, it stops and that is making a burn spot (like you can see on my first photo).

    I can't understand why ...

    Can you upload for me few little pictures (like logo) and screenshot of Picsender settings and PEP5+ settings that you think they could be OK for testing ?

    All apologies for my bad english !

    Best regards,

  • Hi Thierry,

    No reason to apologize, your english is very good.

    From what I have read, normally UGS will run raster gcode files allot longer than you're getting before it hangs.

    The only thing I see in your settings that you need to change is, you have both Left 45 degree and Horizontal engraving angles selected. You should only select one and I use the Left 45 with the EmBlaser most the time for that Pixel Resolution.

    Otherwise, I'm not sure why you are not getting an image when engraving.

    I took this original png format Logo and opened it in MS Paint since it has a transparent background. I saved it in jpg format so the transparency will be save in white instead.


    I opened it in the PicEngrave image editor and used Auto sizing with the Pixel Resolution I will be using, then darkened it with the Gamma adjustment slightly, then saved it.

    I opened it again and used the Atkinson Dithering Algorithm and saved it again. This is what it looks like Dithered.

    cesar_the_hedgehog dithered

    I set the min at 0 and max at 255 in PicEngrave and selected the Skip White Bkgrnd in the Engraving options.

    Here is how the optimized toolpath looks in a simulator. Blue is the gcode's travel area.


    Here is how PicSender should be set with the EmBlaser, except your com port may be set different.


  • Hi Jeff,

    thank you for all these precious informations.

    I have well received registration code and Picsender is running.

    I use a little Eeepc Asus 1008HA, 1Go RAM, Windows XP.

    At the beginning of Picsender, each time I have a message about feed rate (photo 1)

    I sent Vectortest DL and it's work good (like UGS).

    I take Roy Rogers (downloaded on Forum, not making by myself) and unfortunately the result is the same I had before with UGS with exactly the same burn triangle and after Emblaser is stopping (photo 2).

    But ther's an error message and I hope perhaps with it you could find what is wrong in my settings (photo 3 and 4).

    X+, X- etc are not running with arrows on my keyboard.

    What the process for example to move X150 Y100 ?

    I tried in line command and after clicking on "Do cmd" but nothing happens ...

    I am sorry for all these questions but I hope I am near a good result !

    Best regards,

  • edited September 2015
    Two others photos of error messages (sorry, it's in french).
    Perhaps because I must turn off Emblaser before I quit Picsender.
    Because laser continue to burn wood and after message photo3, it's impossible to turn off laser button !
    I always flashing quickly but I press several times.
    Need to turn off Emblaser to stop.
    P1040661.JPG 152.5K
    P1040662.JPG 160.5K
  • Hi Thierry,

    Ok, first the feedrate message and jogging with PicSender. In the Do Cmd. window type in $N1=F600 and select the Do Cmd. button. That sets the default jog feedrate every time PicSender connects to the com port.

    Those error messages you're receiving is normal if you turn off the EmBlaser before closing PicSender. It lost it's connection to grbl.

    Thanks to you, we found that the Roy Rogers Metric gcode test file was not downloading completely because of the file size. When you stated Rob Roy in a previous post, I did not associate it until now.

    Here is the new test file downloads that are Zipped this time.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and thank you again for finding this oversite of ours.

  • edited September 2015
    Hi Jeff,

    Good new ! it works !

    Please see engravement of Roy Rogers in attached photo.

    Not so bad for a first engravement !

    It takes 2 hours and 10 mn, do you think it's good or too long ?

    Every 50 secondes, Emblaser make a strange noise,
    Like between 0:14sec and 0:18sec and after each 50sec,
    I made a short video:

    Do you think it's normal ? perhaps screw or belt ?

    With Picsender, I engrave emblaser vector test too and there's no problem.

    Thank you very very much for your patience and precious help.

    Have you made a short tutorial for Picsender ?

    I find one for PEP5+ on your website but not for Picsender.

    With UGS, I know how to run for example: G0 X150 Y100

    But with Picsender, when I wrote $ G0 X150 Y100 and Do CMD, the laser carriage module go fastly crashing on chassis !! I jump to turn off !

    I make something wrong, surely, but I don't know why ...

    I f I click on X+, X-, nothing happens, but with keyboard arrows nothing happens too. How can I move ?

    Perhaps can you initiate a new discussion for a Picsender tutorial for super dummies like me !

    Best regards,

    P1040663.JPG 148.5K
  • Hi Thierry,

    That's good news.

    The sound it makes in a pattern has to do with the CoreXY grbl configuration and the stepper motor frequencies. It's more noticeable when raster engraving at a 45 degree angle. It's normal and nothing to worry about.

    We are working on a tutorial for PicSender, but it's not finished yet. If you select the Info button at bottom right, it has some help information in there.

    Can you select the $N View Startup Blocks button in PicSender and post what comes up in the Message window? And select the Display settings and post what $13= is set at.

  • Hi Jeff,

    please see attached pictures for $N message window and Display settings $13.

    Best regards,

  • Ok, you have the jog default feedrate set in the startup block $N1=, so when tried to jog with the arrow keys, did you select a move distance value in the drop down menu for the X&Y axis?

    Also, when you did the axis move in the Do Cmd. window, did you zero all axises first with the Zero X/Y/S at a lower left location in the EmBlaser's travel area so it would not try to travel and crash on the chassis?

    Here is a PDF John Champlain wrote for understanding gcodes and axis directions. Programs Page/PDF Files/misc/Understanding Gcode.pdf
  • edited September 2015
    Hi Jeff,

    Sorry for this little late reply, I was out of my home last days.

    For moving, I just try to press arrows keys like UGS.

    Technical english is not always very easy for me to understand.

    That why I need tutorial with pictures for this part of Picsender.

    To zero all axises at a lower location (for no crash), I need to move with arrows before ? and that is not working unfortunately.

    All apologies if I have don't very well understand you're last message.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Thierry,

    After homing the EmBlaser with the $H Run Homing Cycle button, select the drop down window in between the Jog X- Y+ X+ Y- buttons and select a jog distance value. If Use Metric is selected in PicSender, then the jog distance values will be in millimeters. If it does not show Inc. (G91) above these jog buttons, select the Mode button to change it to Inc. (G91). This will set PicSender to jog the set distance every time you click a jog button.

    From home, only click the X- to jog left and Y- to jog towards you if you're facing the front of the EmBlaser. The picture shows a 100mm value, so it will jog that much each time you click the jog buttons. Don't continually click the button, only once and wait for the move to finish.

    PS Jog 1

    The closer you get to the left lower side of the EmBlaser's travel, select the drop down jog distance window again and select a smaller mm jog distance.

    When you have jogged to the job starting place in the lower left corner, select the blue Zero X/Y/S button.

    That zero place will be saved when exiting PicSender, so the next time connecting, $H home, then select Goto 0 for the X&Y and it will return to that X&Y zero place. That position can be change at any time by jogging to a new place and select the Zero X/Y/S button again, or the Zero X or Zero Y button if only those positions are changed.

  • Hi Ken,

    Yes, the startup block $N1=FXXX sets the default jog feedrate every time PicSender connects to the EmBlaser's grbl com port. You can change the jog feedrate with the Fx dropdown window and button after it connects, but will change back to the default when exiting and reconnecting.

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