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Can't get the Emblaser in ‘Enabled’ mode

After focusing the laser (followed instructions from user manual) can't get the Emblaser in ‘Enabled’ mode. I hold down the Laser button but it's entering in the focus mode. The Laser light is on after 1 second I hold down the button.
Before focusing the laser it was so easy to get in the enabled mode :)

Help !


  • Make sure the laser guard is properly in place and causing the microswitch to be pressed.
  • Thank you! Solved.
  • Hey there. I'm having the same problem. However, there appears to be no microswitch. Using the 1.5 kit. I can use the focus mode because the laser's fan and light are on as long as the button is depressed, but as soon as I let go, the light goes off. Also, someone slightly broke the guard. Does that have anything to do with it? (it clips on but he grasped the flimsy top part when trying to install it, which cracked a seam)
  • The laser guard when fitted correctly depresses a microswitch mounted on the laser carriage. This switch is part of the small L-shaped 'laser guard' pcb.

    If this is not being depressed then it will not allow you to set the laser to 'enabled' mode.
  • Can I get a picture of this microswitch? I think we're missing something.
  • Here's a picture showing the microswitch and where the laserguard should make contact with it.

  • Ahh yeah looks like our guy installed the switch backwards. I'm getting someone to gather parts but that should solve our problem, hopefully! Thanks!!!
  • edited October 2015
    Just received my A3 this afternoon. Easily assembled however it won't enable when I depress the button. It lights up but turns off once released with no blinking per the instructions. The switch is installed correctly and the fan is turning.



    Cable was not seated properly.
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