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How on earth does everyone keep ply (cardboard etc) flat?????

Hey everyone! :)
Just getting into my emblaser (just arrived a couple weeks ago), and managed to get it all working beautifully. The biggest problem I've found is there's no such thing as a flat material!
The focus seems to rely heavily on the material being the right distance from the laser, so how does everyone deal with the slight warpage in ply?
I've given up on cardboard for test cuts, it's warped enough that ply takes just as long to cut through.


  • Double sided tape. Also hold the corners down with masking tape.
  • BRILL. Thankyou! :)
  • That was my major problem so I built the Vacuum table. Mainly to cut veneer.
    I use 1.5mm ply though.
  • I use 3 pieces of balsa (big chunky 1 inch square) and use drawing pins on the edges of my material into the balsa. Vacuum table is better but I don't have one of those.
  • My sacrificial base of 6mm ply is held onto the emblaser with bulldog clips (it is almost as wide as the emblaser itself).

    I hold down the material being cut on the base using lead diving weights - each is about half a kilo, I typically use four for an ~A3 size 3mm ply sheet. I also raise the material off the base slightly .. Using old credit cards at the moment but should probably find something more sensible (ie not made of pvc)
  • Bulldog clips. If the material is bigger than the A3/A4 area and has extra left over that it reaches the edges of the base of the Emblaser, just use bulldog clicks to hold it tight/down and aligned.
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