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Emblaser Wiki

I'd really like to start recording information about using the Emblaser in a Wiki structure, even if it's only for my own reference regarding materials settings and experiences. As far as I understand, there isn't one at the moment.

Is anybody else interested in contributing? Any opinions on hosting location? I have experience in developing SharePoint wikis, but I am planning to place it on something like wikispaces unless Darkly wants to host it or somebody else has a better idea.


  • I'd really like to see such a thing. Having only completed my Emblaser yesterday I'm struggling to get decent cuts, and would be very grateful for any tips on speed and power settings!
  • Congratulations!

    This is precisely the reason why we need to collect this information into a Wiki rather than forum. It's really hard to find the 'just right' settings for different materials within the myriad of different posts that you'll find from different people in the forum.

    I killed the idea of it being on wikispaces (as you have to pay) but am going to try somewhere else. But I can't be the only contributor ... we need to get some other people who are interested in maintaining content. Otherwise it will end up being just me sharing my records, settings, and experiences.
  • No real skills or thoughts on hosting, but +1 for the idea
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