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Scale Model: Power line Transimission Tower

edited September 2015 in Project Showcase
This is my HO scale (1:87) model of a Steel Lattice Transmission Tower. The real-life tower is 150 feet tall. Mine is almost 21 inches. It's made of .018 inch thick "Laser Board" which is essentially Kraft paper impregnated with resin. It took 3 hours to cut and 5 hours to build. After 6 months of practice with the Emblaser, I have a good system now. The un-opened can of Coke weighs 13.6 ounces, so the structure is very robust. I need to make some insulators for "power line" attachment, then paint it up. I will post more pics as I go. Thanks for looking!


  • Very nice Eric. I've been mainly working with Laser Board also and making things in HO and N scale. Laser Board is really called PolyBak and used in the cabinet making industry for backing veneer to stabilize it.
    The only thickness I could find locally is the ,2mm (I think the same as you've used) from a cabinet makers supply wholesale store. It cost $12 CDN for a 4' x 8' sheet. I also bought two other thicknesses from the US in 12" sq. pieces for about $1.25 each plus postage (which was almost as much per piece on a dozen sheet order). I like the stuff a lot, it's sturdy but hard to cut through.
    Are you into model RRing?
  • Thanks Jared. I got my PolyBak locally. It was a 5'x9' sheet. I also got a .010" thick sheet. Out the door, $17 for both. The real pain is cutting it down into manageable sizes. I haven't found an easy way yet other than a straight edge and a sharp utility knife with a few passes.

    As far as laser cutting, I haven't had any trouble at all, aside from trying to keep the material flat on the cutting surface. I need to build a vacuum table.

    I have a few buddies doing railroad. I am an armor/aircraft kind of modeler. I wish I had space for my own RR layout. It's always been a desire of mine. Post some of your work! I'd like to see what you have been making.
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