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Engraving job visualization on engravig object

Hi, I'm new here, I got laser 3 weeks ago and I'm new here. I couldn't find any forum about engraving project visualization on onbject. Is it possible to see for example rectagular of engraving area before run engraving to target on needed egraving place? I saw other laser machines witch target needed engraving place befor engraving.


  • Hi, You could run your gcode through OpenScam prior to outputting to Emblaser,


  • Dear Daryl,
    thank you for your link, but I'm looking how to target engraving position on real object, for example I need engrave small text on pen, how I can target pen, to engrave where I need?
  • In Cut2D you could draw a shape the same size and shape as the pen and etch that into a base. Take note of the exact position of that so you can place the pen there to match where the text will be etched.
  • Sorry GNT I misread your post. I use the exact method as described by Jared. I also ad a centre line to the shape extending well outside the shape boundaries so I can ensure the pen is aligned as well as it can be. Works fine on pens.


  • Thanks for your help, but I think I found better way to target on object befor engrave, there is to create the rectangular or other shape of engraving design, to set toolpath to cut with 1% power and the maximum of move speed and 10-20 passes, and than I can see where will be my engraving :)
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