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I'm really happy with the Emblaser. I am engraving 200 of these rulers and the the unit is proving to be quite a good reliable workhorse. Positive feedback from the customer - they rated the quality of the engraving from the Emblaser far better than other samples they had been supplied. Keep up the good work Darkly.


  • Hi Daryl,

    Thanks for the kind words and glad your getting great results.

    It's always good to hear happy customers!
  • Looks awesome! If I could give one small tip without sounding at all rude, I notice your engravings have a bit of a burned/discolored area around them. I had the same thing on a few items I needed to ramp up the power on. A quick piece of masking tape before engraving made it look much much better.

    They look great the way they are tho! I just wanted to pass along something in case it helped.
  • Thanks for the great tip Michael.
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