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Shameless self-promotion of CNC

I promise this project will include lasering, in fact I can guarantee it since i need to laser cut the registration marks for the guitar neck.
In the meantime if Emblazer has prompted you to have a greater interest in CNC generally, have a look here.


  • Hi David,

    Excellent project.

    It's great so see how you utilise your software and tools. Please keep up updated as you progress.

    I'm sure people can gain a lot of knowledge and ideas from this.
  • Thanks, this is what got me into Emblazer in the first place, I was planning to add a CO2 laser head to George but you came along in time to save me from that folly.

  • Nice project and very nice videos about it. Looking forward to more.
  • Hi all

    The latest video is now available at


  • Awesome David!

    Coming along really well. I'm impressed with you getting those complex curves in Sketchup.

    Great to see the Emblaser contributing to such a cool project.
  • Great project! nice watch :)
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