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inlay test

edited July 2015 in Project Showcase
So since i'm a hobbyist woodworker I'm doing only wood projects with the emblazer. This test is one that was still on my to-do list by request.


what you are seeing is an inlay of walnut veneer (thickness < 1mm) in a small piece of solid maple (thickness = 6 mm)
and it is allready glued. the shape is about 1cm x 2cm.

as you can see the first 3 attempts were .... not right. the last one was decent. I'm a little dissapointed that I have a little gap around the tip areas but I guess I can try and make a furniture project using this method for inlay.


  • Hi Guido, I have a need to do similar work. (I build musical instruments) What settings did you finally use to engrave the timber? I'm thinking the walnut is quite mentioned less than a mill. The other option of course is to fill with coloured epoxy.
  • I suspect the sharp corners on the crescent shape are disappearing because the laser is burning more on those points as it changes direction. Perhaps trying paths like in the attached picture would give better results.
  • ah ... I might try that last one. maybe that way the wood won't warm up so much in the tip area and the shape wil remain more exact.

    @ daryl
    the veneer cut was 5 mm/sec at 50% pwr 1 pass
    the fill was 12 mm/sec at 50% pwr 2 passes 0.1 mm stepover 90 degree angle no crosshatch

    the (almost) 1 mm veneer is a very common veneer thickness in the netherlands. no clue if other country's have this as well.
  • Guido,

    For extra fine work you might want to consider the 5.6mm 445nm laser diode. This has less power (approx 2 watts) than the diode we use but gives you a finer spot size.

    We have some stock of these and could assemble a replacement laser unit with this diode instead.

    These laser diodes do not have inbuilt surge/static protection like the default laser diodes we use, so you need to be a little more careful when handling them during the install process.

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