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Changing the Y0, X0 position

Is there a way to change the x0, y0 position? By default, x0, y0 is located right at the inferior left corner. I´d like to place it by the middle of the working area. is it possible? How?


  • The command:
    $n0=G10 L2 P1 X-420 Y-287

    Permanently sets the X0, Y0 position in relation to the home location.

    Setting it to X-210 Y-143 (A3) will set it to the middle of the working area - however you are completely on your own to ensure you do not then instruct the Emblaser to go past its limits as there is no limit checking / detection, and you will be going to both negative and positive coordinates.
  • Hi Daniel,

    One way to do this is to do the following:

    1: Start the Emblaser and home it as usual.
    2: Move your laser head to where you want your job to start from by either using the move keys in the UGS machine tab, or by typing the x & y position in the command window.
    3: Enter the command G92 x0 y0
    This will set your current position to the new 0,0.

    Any jobs you created should now run from here as the starting point.

    This change is temporary and will be reset once you restart the Emblaser.
  • Perfect! thank you guys.
  • Hi all,

    When navigation to my preferred starting position (G0 X50) and issuing command G92 X0 Y0 it will hit the sides (making that horrible sound :) ) when starting my job. Looks like it is not setting the starting position? Any ideas what is going wrong here?

  • Hi Julien,

    The problem appears to be that you are setting both X0 and Y0 with your G92 command but only moving the laser to x50 with your G0 command.

    This would mean that if you issues this command after the machine has homed, then you would be setting the y home position as zero. This would cause any positive y movements to collide with the edge.

    You should use the following:
    G0 X50 Y50
    G92 X0 Y0

    Keep in mind that you would now have effectively reduced your workspace by 50mm in both directions.
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