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Cut2D Slow calculation

edited July 2015 in Vectric
Does anyone have issues with Cut2D during the "calculating time" ? Mine is taking too long during it and becomes irresponsive...


  • Daniel,
    Can you post a sample .crv file that is taking a long time for us to look at?
  • Thank you guys for the prompt response...There you go...
    REV.crv 10.2M
  • edited July 2015
    BTW, Im running it on a macbook pro with 8Gb of ram and 4 cores.
  • After many hours waiting for the calculation, I tried it on a windows PC, instead of my mac and...voila...Cut2D calculated it in seconds...I think its a macbook OS X issue.
  • I tried your CRV on my high-end Mac and recalculating the path you already had took just under 2 minutes. Recalculating it as a cut (instead of cut-and-fill) was practically instantaneous.

    I noted that your move speed on the existing path was 2500mm/sec - i.e. 250cm/sec, 2.5m/sec or 9 km/h. Way higher than the Emblaser (or anything else) can handle. 80gsm paper is 1500 ~ 1800mm/minute to cut at 100% power (25~30mm/sec).

    The real problem though is your stepover for the fill, at 0.001mm, which is way smaller than required (and far smaller than the positioning accuracy of the Emblazer). Reducing this to a more sensible 0.1mm reduced the recalculation time to around 4 seconds for the entire design (whereas your existing saved path was only for a small portion of the design - which I presume was you reducing the objects within the path to try to get a successful calculation).

    So I don't think that it's anything related to OSX or Wine (which enables the app to run under OSX) ... it looks to be the stepover size and perhaps therefore the defaults that accompany the OSX bundle.
  • Thank you very much!
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