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Turn Laser ON automatically

Is there a way to turn the laser on, only when the laser unit is right at the X0, Y0 position?
If I turn it on manually (holding down the button for 2sec), The laser travels from the homming position to the engraving start position burning the board and sometimes the piece to be engraved. I´d like to send the file firstly, and just when the laser is ready to start burning, in the right position, so I turn it on.


  • Hi Daniel,

    If you have created the cutting job in Cut2D-Laser this will happen automatically for you.

    The laser head will move into position for the first cut and then turn the laser on/off as needed.

    'Enabling' the laser by holding the laser button for two seconds should not be thought of as actually turning 'on' the laser. Think if it as 'allowing' the laser to turn on when instructed by the software. This is purely a safety feature.

    Once the laser is 'enabled' it will can be in a fully off state or powered at a value from 0-255. Normally this is controlled by your cutting file.

    How have you created your cutting file?
  • I created my cutting file with the Cut2D. I'm gonna post the settings print screen.
  • post the .nc file and we can see what is going on.
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