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Slightly Different Settings

Set the Feed Rate to 80IPM (2032mm/min) and set Max PWM to 210 this time so the engraving will come out a little darker.



  • Hi Jefferey

    What was the material here, some type of softwood ?

    I am try to engrave on Balsa 3mm and get a black charred mess. The first attempt I actually managed to incinerate the material so completely that was not even any ash.

    My source image is a black & white BMP at 72dpi.

    Any assistance much appreciated.

  • edited December 2014
    Hi David,

    It was Poplar wood. I think Balsa would burn real easy so you should lower your max power quite a bit and speed up your Feed Rate. I never tried Balsa, so not sure how much. It has allot to do with how small the beam is focused and the Pixel Resolution (step over and step ahead) that is used also.

    There is a limited Feed Rate that grbl can run raster gcode files and I'm not sure what that limit is with the EmBlaser's grbl. When raster engraving at a 45 degree angle with an X, Y & S on each line of gcode seems to run the smoothest & fastest. Maybe the Darkly Labs Team or Sonny Jeon can tell us what the Feed Rate limit actually is, so you can set it there and then step up your power level until it burns Black like you want it.

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