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Cut 2D Laser/ Power settings

I'm a bit puzzled by Cut 2D laser power settings, In our Emblaser manual it says the laser has 255 power levels but cut 2D limits it to only 100% I'm not quite understanding the whats going on...I have all this power but I'm limited. Can any one explain what I'm not quite understanding here.


  • Apparently there are some jumpers you can change to increase the wattage but even if you change them and get more power going to the laser you can't make a setting in Cut2D more than 100%. The 255 number is not a percentage.
  • Cut2D uses a percentage for driving the laser power, so 100% is equivalent to 255 and is the maximum power setting.
    I believe some of the other software available uses a 0 to 255 range, and not a percentage.

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