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Manhattan from OpenMaps

Made this out of heavy matte paper and it turned out nice. I got the data from the OpenMaps project.


  • WOW ! But it seems bigger than a A3.. Did you use the emblaser or not) thank you! :)
  • I did it on the diagonal of the A3 emblaser
  • Posting the CRV I used... it's BIG 10MB+
  • Thanks Gabe.

    Fantastic detail on this.
  • is it possible to add the link where i can find maps like this you mentioned. i tried openmaps but a lot of sites came up. which one is i it. thank you
  • thanks . now i have to figure out how to get them in corel lol
  • When you have the map area you want choose the "Share" option from the menu on the right, then select either SVG or PDF (both are vector formats) from the format option to choose whichever one of those formats Corel will open. I think the pdf version will work better.
  • The process I used:

    1. Find an Openmap viewer that looks good:

    2. make your browser as big as possible and screenshot everything you want, you'll have to tile it back together

    3. merge all your tiles together into a HUGE image(probably 10Kx10K pixels). This is a pretty big pain, but easier if you have a HUGE monitor and fast computer.(I have a 3840 x 2160 monitor)

    4. manually edit the image

      • connect things so stuff will hold together when cut(e.g. Broadway goes pedestrian only in places, which would look like cuts in the normal rendering)

      • remove anything you don't want(e.g. in the Manhattan one I removed the surrounding islands)

    5. use inkscape to turn the image to SVG; you will likely have to fiddle with things - . after you have an SVG you should know what to do :-)

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