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The Princess and the Frog/Raymond sticker.

First real successful project cutting out a sticker for the wife's car. Only thing I don't like is the little burn mark pin prick start and stop points made by the laser....
."Any Idea how to get rid of the scorch marks"
Used a setting of 20.0 mm/sec power 70% 1 pass.


  • What is the material used? I'm not seeing any scorch marks and don't quite understand which part is cut out.
  • Material is same vinyl used in sign making. scorch marks are hard to see photo did not turn out that great, I see them since I know where they are. Every thing white is the vinyl cut out, just like stickers one would get to put on the back of your autos window....kind of like the family stick people stickers.
  • Here is a better example, all the little black dots, not sure how to get rid of this effect.
  • OK ... I understand now. I'm in the sign business and have a plotter to cut vinyl with and have made similar things. It's my understanding that the vinyl (PVC) is a no-no for cutting with a laser. The fumes are very toxic and not good for your machine.
  • Oh boy, well thank you so much for that, did not know.
  • I always think of Futurama when this comes up

    You can see an Emblaser's rusted bearings at

    Basically, make sure ANYthing you cut doesn't have chlorine in it
  • I've found that that style scorch mark can be minimized by using lower power and going slower; but never cut Vinyl again...
  • Thanks for posting this, saved me and probably others from trying the same thing :) In that case does anyone know of another material for making stickers that's ok to laser cut?
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