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For those users in Australia Bunnings sell a BC grade 3mm plywood that cuts and engraves very nicely.


  • What settings do you use with this plywood?

    I ended up getting the marine AA grade instead but now I've read more about the challenges of different types of plywood I'm a little worried (the only piece I've used so far is as a sacrificial base plate).
  • I run my laser at 2.2mA 300mm/min 100% 6passes.
  • Hello there, I'm curious with everyone's results and their settings.
    I've tested on AA grade 3mm ply, and I'm at 1.8mA, 5m/sec 100% 100 pass and it barely cuts it.

    So I got some BC grad from bunnings as Daryl suggested. with 1.8mA, 15m/sec (to reduce the charring I've gone with a higher speed) it still takes me around 40 passes to cut through.

    Darkly lab has suggested that my focus is off, but I've done some test on paper and I seem to get the same result as they do... I don't have perfect eye sight (I wear glasses and have astigmatism) but I doubt my focusing can be THAT far off???

    Any other suggestions...???
  • Ken,

    Am I reading your speed correct 5m/sec and 15m/sec? I run mine at 300mm/min. If your focus is correct you will see very little charring on the top surface. Focus is critical. I have trouble focusing the actual spot so I use a single line and keep adjusting the lens quarter turn and imaging the line again and again. (Of course move the material each time) Eventually you will see the engraved line become very sharp when you achieve best focus. Hope this helps. My feeling without seeing your results is you have not achieved optimum focus.

    Hope this helps.



  • Ken,

    I have attached a pic of BC ply being cut 300mm/min 6 passes 100% power. This may give you some clarification of what sort of outcome you should see.


  • Hi Daryl,

    I've keep working on the focusing and see if I can get better result.
    I tried using your settings, but it didn't cut at all. I'm still looking at around 20-30 passes to just get a burnt mark on the other side.

    I do think my lines are pretty sharp already. But with the more passes I have to do, the more "fudged" the line becomes.

    I've attached a photo. The moustache with the clean line is using your settings. As you can see the line it pretty sharp. But it hardly made a cut into the wood at all.

    The other 2 are with more passes. The darkest one is with 40 passes. But that still hasn't cut through...
    IMG_4607.JPG 79.5K
  • Hi Ken,

    I had a bit of a light globe moment and realised I run my laser at a non-standard setting of 2.2A.


  • Hi Daryl,

    How did you adjust your setting to 2.2A? I will usually use it at much lower power but I want to cut ply as well. You said elsewhere that your emblaser hasn't stopped since you got it - are you always running it at 2.2A? I am just curious about how it effects the life of the laser.


  • Hi Phil,

    See page 26 - 28 of user manual. Changing the DIP switches on the PCB changes laser current. Other posts suggest that 2.2A is about as high as the current should be set. I accept the risk of diminishing the laser life but want the ability to cut ply. I note that Darkly are trialling a higher power laser for later release so I will probably fit one of these to one of my Emblasers. ( I have an A4 & A3)


  • Thanks Daryl.
  • I have just set up my emblaser with a 4w laser module. For my second run I tried cutting the BC ply project board from Bunnings.
    With 6mm/sec & 100% power it takes only 3 passes to get a clean cut.
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