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The Monicle - A focusing helping tool released

We have designed a simple tool to help adjusting the lens when focusing.

See the discussion here:


  • Not being able to see the beam and rotate the lens at the same time is frustrating. (Big fingers) I would buy one from the store if they were made available.
  • After 3D printing this today I used it and found it does help to adjust the focus (without having to put my fingers under the lens). I was able to get the lines in the test file sharper so I feel a little more confident about experimenting now with my own files. The only thing you have to be careful of when using the monocle is that once you have the lens adjusted when you go to remove the tool you don't accidentally turn the lens. Otherwise it's great.
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    Made a dxf file for a similar tool to cut out with the laser. 1.5mm ply
    I imagine that it could be cut out, stacked and glued for other materials.
    2 3mm holes. Use 3mm drill bits to align the stack for gluing.
  • File disappeared, trying again
  • THANKS Joseph.
  • Would it be possible to get the "source file" of the crv for this monocle? I am having problems with getting a good focus and a tool of this nature would be great, but I can't cut one with a machine that is out of focus, but I can convert the source file to a 3d printable (I hope). I've tried reverse engineering the crv and managed to generate any number of graphic format images, but they don't convert to 3d cleanly because of all the segments making up the curves. Even the teeth on the knurling are a gazillion pieces/segments.

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    Here is the .stl for the Monocle we use. Monocle.STL?dl=0

    There has been enough demand that we have added it to our store as well.

    Hope that helps.

  • Its gone, can you re-post?
  • Link fixed.
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