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laser safety

My name is LZ and I was one of the first to support this product on Kickstarter and very happy I did.
The only issue I have is the open environment of the Emblaser. This is a very big safety concern of mine. Any stray laser light can do major damage to people and pets in the area.
I built a box to house my Emblaser. It was very inexpensive to do. I used foamboard and heavy duty packing tape to make the box with a lid. In the middle of the lid I installed a sheet of Plexiglas 11 7/8 x 11 7/8 that is 455nm safe.
Now when I turn on the laser I am protected from the light and I can still watch what is happening. The included glasses are good but they only protect the person wearing them. I also added a safety switch to the lid. This adds additional protection because as soon as I open the lid the laser turns off.
I got the Plexiglas form


  • Hi Larry.
    This is a great addition and definitely adds an extra level of safety to the Emblaser.
    We have a cover very high on our design list. The Emblaser circuit board has allowances for extra interlocks intended for a cover as well as a port to extend the control switches via a ribbon cable to another location (on the cover).
    Please keep us updated with any recommendations as you use the cover.
  • Larry, could you post a photo of your cover.
  • I have tried adding a photo, but unable. If someone can explain I will be glad too.
    It's just a box large enough to fit the emblazer in. The safety panel is attached to the top over a (11x11 inch hole). If I were to make another box I would place the panel over the X0 Y0 position instead of middle of box.
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  • Folks: If you make a box I suggest you place the plastic sheet close to x0 y0 position. I put the opening at the center of the box and it is hard to see everything going on at that position.
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