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Ellipse Photo Engraving

We did a Steam Locomotive photo engraving today on Poplar and here is a short video of it running on the EmBlaser. We used the "Ellipse" & "Laser Edge" option this time in PicEngrave Pro 5.

If you have your EmBlaser Laser driver is set at the default 1.8a, then the best settings we found are a Feed Rate of 85 IPM (2159mm/min), Maximum PWM value of 200 and a Minimum PWM Value of 10. We were able to focus the laser beam down to .005" (.127mm) size with the 3 element glass lens. A Pixel Resolution of .006" (.1524mm) was used and engraved at a 45 degree angle so the burn lines will slightly overlap.


Here are a few of our previous Laser Diode engravings done on Poplar with the EmBlaser.





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    How did you process your image before generate the nc file ? I tried to Engrave a picture, but the result was all black.

    Edit: Oh, I found it here:

    Then may I know what is your app you are using to convert the image to 8 bit gray scale and 24 bit colour formats ?
  • Sounds like you may be using too much of a power setting, or too slow of a feed rate.

    What settings are you using? Is your laser diode's beam focused properly?

    We edit our images in PicEdit Lite or the image editor in PicEngrave Pro 5.
  • I think my mistake is I converted my jpg to bmp in Paint (win) without knowing to convert it to 8 bit gray scale and 24 colour format, I will try PicEdit Lite later tonight. May I know if PicEngrave Pro 5 already come with it ? I want to upgrade to this version.
  • Yes, PicEngrave Pro 5 comes with the same editor that PicEdit Lite is. The only difference is PicEdit Lite only saves to the 8bit Gray Scale and 24bit color bmp images for PicLaser Lite.

    The PicEngrave Pro 5 editor saves the files in jpg, bmp, gif, tif and png that it can load for generating the gcode..

    They both have an auto engraving sizing feature based on Pixel Size used, sharpen, brightness, contrast and gamma adjustment. They both have 11 different 1bit Dithering Algorithms also.
  • Hi, I just bought the license for PicEdit lite. How long does it take to get the processing finished ?
  • Sent already. If you don't see it in your inbox, check in your spam folder for the registration email.

  • Thank you, got it... thanks a lot .
  • If you have any questions using PicLaser Lite or PicEdit Lite, don't hesitate to ask.

    Thanks again.
  • I am not expert in wood work, I just copy the setting from Jeff, and then I've got this result,which I think is great. But please, anyone give me feedback on it. I think I could improve it. This is my first wood engraving, first lazer (emblazer) , also I don't know anything about wood, so don't ask me what kind of wood it is, You may be know. Anyway, I was using PicEdit Lite and PicLaser Lite. It is Great App. Thanks Jeff.
  • Congratulations Irawan. Well done.

    Jeff, looks like you have new competition.
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    That is excellent Irawan. You did a very good job for the first time. Looks like your focusing is right on by the detail that you achieved. Another suggestion is to take some fine sandpaper and sand it across the grains on the wood before laser engraving.
  • thank you

  • Wagner using Ellipse.

  • hey.. thats very good engraving, the dog hair is so detailed..
  • btw, @Irawan: itu buatnya di kayu triplek biasa?
  • @Denny: Bukan, itu di papan kayu semacam tatakan dipan.
  • Thank you Denny.
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