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Emblaser mod

edited September 2015 in Mods / R&D
This is not really a product showcase but a modification I have made. I wanted to be able to engrave directly onto larger items such as long slabs of timber or onto thicker items, again, mostly slabs of wood. Theoretically, I will eventually engrave directly onto a table top.

I removed the legs and base plate as these were limiting the height and ability to place directly onto items. From aluminum square tube and angle, and dozens of rivets, I built a chassis to mount the top perspex part onto. This meant that all of the moving parts stayed connected and aligned. I had to remount the cooling fan and the black circuit board guard, which was the hardest part. The whole thing took several attempts, mainly because my first attempt was too high, but eventually I got it right.

I have been using this mod for several months now with no issues
image.jpg 390.6K
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  • Neat.
    How long did the tree take to engrave, and what size, settings?
  • Perhaps we should have a section dedicated to modifications?

    One thing to watch out for is rivets through polycarbonate sheet. It can be very easy to crack the polycarbonate doing this. A large washer under the head of the rivet should prevent any damage occurring.

    On a safety note:
    I think it should also be pointed out that such modifications remove some of the safety features that were necessary to make the Emblaser a safe product. These changes make it much easier for the operator to mis-use the Emblaser, increasing the chance of direct line of sight to the laser.
    Please be very carful with this setup, or any other setup that removes the base plate or other safety features.

    It is really good to see people experimenting with mods and attachments!
  • Agreed about the safety. I will try to refrain from engraving directly over my face :).

    I did think about that with the cracking of the Perspex. I held my breath while riveting which made all the difference. I also considered a small bolt to hold it in place, which would mean being able to remove it again later, but obviously didn't do that this time.

    My next mod is to try to produce some kind of laser guide line for centring and aligning the job. So far my best thought is an old overhead projector but have also thought about crossing lasers. Still thinking about that.
  • edited August 2015
    I have made my next modification. I bought two cheap laser levelers for $5 each and took them apart, keeping the battery case, switch and laser module. These are the ones that give a laser line rather than a laser dot. After a few failed attempts, I mounted the modules under the top bar of my aluminum chassis so that they crossed in the middle. At this stage they are attached with double sided tape but I am thinking about how to attach them with an adjustable mount so I can make minor adjustments if needed. If only I had a 3d printer...
  • image

    crossed lasers centre in action...
  • Great idea Phil.

    A 3d printer would definitely help with making custom brackets and attachments!

    Let us know how useful this is to aligning materials etc.
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