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Using Layers in Cut2D

Hope this is of use to people who can use layers that will work with Cut2D in their various programs and isn't too wordy.

In my CAD program I use layers to separate different cuts and the order in which the cuts are made, as the selection methods in Cut2D doesn't really appeal to me.
For me, it is faster and doesn't require much effort and the cut order planning can be done while doing the design.

I'm using my vacuum table with a honeycomb grid cut into the spoil board, and a 3mm wall height.
While cutting, pieces may shift or fall out when cutting ply. (1.5mm Meranti 3 ply.)

Ordering the cuts allow me to minimise any charring and also to order the cuts from inside cuts to outside cuts.

In Cut2d select the layer:

Use the layer drop down box, right click and 'SHOW only this' to select the layer, or use the check boxes, make sure only the layer required is selected.
Click in the main window then control A (select all)
Then apply the required laser settings to the layer.
select the next layer and so on.

Starting layer is used for any engraving if needed. This is usually the only time I have to change the laser settings.
Next layer is usually small cuts inside the main area, if needed there may be more than one set of layers with small cuts. This separates the cuts and allows time for the ply to cool so there is no charring between close cuts.

Then the other layers are ordered to allow the last cut to release the final cut.

I apply the settings to the layers in the order that I want the cuts made when saving the file I usually tick the Toolbox list for all cuts and save as one file.


  • Excellent ... I was thinking about the easiest way to do this. I'll be using your tips. Thanks
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