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Month of June Promotion-Free PicSender License.

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We are having a Promotion for the month of June for the Registered users of PicLaser Lite. Upgrade to our full featured PicEngrave Pro 5 and receive a free license of PicSender. No need to include PicSender in the cart. After your purchase of the PLL to PEP5 upgrade, a PicSender License will be automatically included in your registration email.

Thank you everyone.


  • Promotion Bump. :-)
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    Gcode generated with PicEngrave Pro 5. 120IPM (3048mm/min), 25% Feed Rate Change, Min 10 Max 255 and engraved at a 45 Degree angle on Poplar. The gcode was 992,651 lines long and PicSender streamed it to our EmBlaser flawlessly.

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    Hmmm. What about those of us who just bought the full license of PEPro5 rather than the upgrade in the month of June? I was just wondering if I need this software as the image I am trying to engrave is crashing my Universal G-Code app.
  • Hi Sean,

    If you would have purchased the DL PicLaser Lite v1.1.03 from Darkly Labs for $24.95 and then purchased the upgraded to PicEngrave Pro 5 with the free PicSender License, that would have been a savings of $10 if just purchasing PEP5 & PS.

  • Since I want to buy picsender, I read about this promotion. can anyone tell me as a cnc noob what the advantages would be for buying this picengrave pro 5 compared to the piclaser lite licence that I got from my emblaser pledge?

    I read some technical stuff but I cannot decide if that is important for me.
  • PicEngrave Pro 5 is our full featured image to gcode program with many features that is not in PicLaser Lite. It has it's own image editor for Auto re-sizing, adjusting Sharpness, Contrast, Brightness and Gamma. It also has 11 different Dithering Algorithms to choose from.

    PEP5 also allows you to input a X&Y offset for the starting engraving place and you can choose lower left corner or center of the image for the zero place in your gcode. It has an Ellipse and Crop function to choose and you can Flip or Rotate and add text to your image also.

    There are engraving enhancement features to apply a Gray Curve to your image and/or a Feed Rate Change to expand the shade range in your engravings.

    PicLaser Lite will engrave a border, but if more then 1 pass is set, it will only follow the same path and will run at the max power and feedrate it's set at for the image engraving. PicEngrave Pro 5 border will step over and make the border wider by a set width and you can set the laser power level and feedrate for it also.

    There is a extended edge option for high speed engraving so it will reduce the power to zero and slow the feedrate to a set value for the instant reversing of the machine. This eliminates edge burning from reversing directions at the edge of the engraving also.

    This is not relevant for the EmBlaser, but there are separate setting and savable profiles for different controllers and engraving processes being used including spindle engraving images like doing Lithophanes.

    It also has a way to shift the gcode for machines that may have backlash, or a delay in laser power when engraving in one direction or the other.
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    Tuesday is the last day of our promotion, so it's a good time to upgrade from PicLaser Lite to PicEngrave Pro 5 and get a free license of PicSender, The promotion will expire on June 30th at midnight USA Eastern Standard Time.
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