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Cut2D material thickness

edited June 2015 in Vectric

I noticed that the Darkly Labs version of Cut2D software differs from the one presented on the Vectric web site ( In particular on the Job Setup window an option for selecting the thickness of the material is missing in the Darkly Labs version. Attached file show screenshots of both versions.
Could anyone explain to me how can I set the material thickness in Darkly Labs version of Cut2D, please?




  • Hi Henryk,

    Cut2D-Laser has been developed specifically for Darkly Labs and the Emblaser.

    It differs because Cut2D on the Vectric website is designed for use on routers. These have different requirements due to the fact they have a z-axis to control the router and depth of the routing.

    Laser cutters do not need a z-axis.
  • I agree that laser cutters do not need z-axis. But it would be very useful if the software could calculate speed, laser power and number of passes based on type and thickness of the material. If I understand correctly I have to figure out this parameters manually using trial and error method. Do you plan to include this calculations in future versions of the Cut2D-Laser software? Even if the calculations will require some further tuning it would certainly help to make this process easier.
  • This is not planned within the software.

    We are creating a database of materials, thicknesses and settings that will become available as a starting point as you suggest.

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