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Q: Cleaning the base plate

What is the best/easiest way to clean the black anodized base plate? I have achieved a thick build-up of crusty charred gunk left behind from cutting wood and paper. I am tempted to scrape it off clean with a razor blade, but I don't want to harm the black finish. I don't plan on using a protective layer over the base plate. Any ideas?


  • Hi Eric,

    I would not recommend a razor as you will scratch the anodising.

    We generally use a household cleaner to clean them. It is not something we need to do often since we use a piece of thick card as a sacrificial layer which gets discarded once it has lots of burn marks on it. This protects the base plate for getting accidentally etched.

    You may find that some black comes off when you clean the base plates. This is normal as it is excess dye used in the anodising process.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I ended up applying Lacquer Thinner in puddles on the trouble spots and letting them soak a bit. After doing this a few times, I got most of it off. Now I do a alcohol wipe after each job, just to keep it at bay.
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