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Can´t get software to work on two of my macs or my pc

hi received my a3 embaser the other day and assembled it without any problems, but when it comes to software am i out of luck. i can get the cut2d to work but the save files disappears in my save folder. and the streaming program UniversalGcodeSender boots upp and connects on pc and one of my mac but none of them are working. plz help if any ideas come to mind


  • fixed it... on my pc, i gave up on my macs
  • Matte,
    The disappearing file could possibly be because Cut2D on the mac works in a virtual environment. You can try to save the file to a location on your mac rather than in the virtual environment running the program.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Running CNC machines on a mac can be quite frustrating. We often go through the same things but we haven't had problems with UGS.

    Running a PC is the easiest option as you have discovered. Having said that, we are pushing the software developers to make native mac versions available for their products.
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