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How to light wood engravement?


Looking for some advice or experience from.
See attached image. This is done with a Speedy Trotec 300. Does anyone have experience with similar engraving in wood (1mm depth)? The cuts/fills are very light.
When I am trying with the Emblazer to get a similar cut/fill, it tends to get very dark.
Any tips?

Thanks Julien


  • Have you tried reducing the laser power to a much lower setting? I know sometimes I get laser crazy and keep all the settings at 50 or 100% laser power.
  • Yes I did. Laser power, 15% @ 2.3A and playing with more/less passes doesn't seem to do the job.

    Any other ideas or aren't such results possible with the Emblaser?
  • Hi Julien,

    I believe it has to do with the wavelength of the laser beam then anything. A 445nm will burn darker then a CO2's Infrared spectrum laser beam will.
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