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Plywood 4mm Cut


For a project I need little boxes. The Emblazer is not suited to produce these in bulk due to the number of passes, but I needed a prototype. However I would like to share the results with you:

- material: plywood (4mm)
- passes: 11
- power: 100%
- feed: 500 mm/min
- current: 2,25A

Cuts where quite clean, no real burning in the edges.

IMG_0412.JPG 227.1K
IMG_0414.JPG 288.9K


  • 5 or 3 layer plywood?
    Which type of wood?
  • 3 layer plywood. I will need to check which type at the hardware store. I just bought it on the fly because it seemed quite soft. Will update in the thread as soon as I know more.
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    Hi Julien

    Did you lay the plywood just on the base or some other material? I made the experience that if the plywood is lifted up, for e.g with 4 little pieces of wood in the edges, it will cut better and with less passes. (3mm plywood at 2 amps with 8 passes)

  • Hi Dominic,

    That does make sense what you are saying. I had different results using a cutting mat ( ) as base and plywood. When using the cutting mat I needed more passes. I will try lifting up the material later.
    I am also in search of an aluminium egg crate as base ( ), I think this is a sustainable and better solution than lifting it up.

    Thanks Julien
  • You may want to check the honeycomb used to make composite sandwiched panels.

    We have some samples of an aluminum honeycomb material which looks promising but can potentially cause laser bounce if parts of the honeycomb get bent out of shape.

    We have had this for a long time and do not recall the supplier.
  • I am talking with a supplier who can deliver a custom sized egg aluminium egg crate.
    Standard size is 120cm x 120cm, thickness 0.37mm, hole size:12.5mm.
    I want a custom size of 38cm long and 50cm wide so it can slide in nicely into the Emblaser.

    Two questions:
    - Are there any drawbacks using this kind of grid or reasons not to use it?
    - Do you agree on the size?

    Thanks Julien
  • Honeycomb sheets are available through McMaster in different sizes and thickness. I've used them for other laser cutters in the beds and they work great. Easy to cut with metal snips with a little bit of patience required.

    My kit arrived today. Once I get it running I'll be def ordering a sheet of 1/4th.
  • Julien - I'll be ordering the 1/4th thick 24x24. sku - 9635K15. That alibaba product also works too, I would just double check what the height - thickness is.
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    Hi NVT, height and thickness are both 13mm. Is that ok?
  • I'm using 1cm wide nuts to hold up material and it's not marking the aluminum plate. (can't really recommend nuts

    So as long as 13mm(1.3cm) is rigid enough, it's more than enough height.
  • Has anyone had problems with a pile of nuts to place your materials on? I see an added advantage in that you could use some cheap magnets to hold down your materials whilst you cut away.
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