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Pic2laser image cropped

I'm having an issue where almost all of the outcome of pic2laser is cropped.
The crop looks like as if the machine does not start the laser from the very first of the gcode.
So if i am sending a solid circle to the machine then the output would be a circle cropped on its bottom left part.

Am i doing something wrong with the process?


  • Hi Dipta,

    We have not seen or heard of an issue like this before.

    Can you please copy and paste the first part of the gcode here from the top (including setting comments) down about 10 lines below them?

    Also, what gcode streamer are you using?

  • I have also had strange things happening the UGS. I went and bought Picsender.
    You can try it for free but the unregistered version does only every second line.
  • Thanks Arne,

    PicSender can also be downloaded and purchased from the Darkly Labs web site.
  • I'm using the UGS that came with the emblazer
    As for the gcode I'll send them first thing in the morning tomorrow.(it's almost midnight here) as well as the sample output of the laser.

    I'm guessing that it's probably some silly mistake that i do with the preparation/setting tho
  • Hi, here are the first lines of the code:

    ( 04-19-2015 at 10:07:47 )
    ( PicLaser Lite DL ver. 1.0.0 )
    ( GRBL Gcode )
    ( FeedRate = 8000 )
    ( Pixel Resolution = 0.0300 )
    ( Max. Laser Value 255.0000 )
    ( Min. Laser Value .0000 )
    ( Engraving Angle = 45 degrees )

    G01 X0.00 Y0.00
    X0 Y0.03 S0
    X0 Y0.06 S0
    X0.03 Y0.03 S0
    X0.06 Y0 S0
    X0.09 Y0 S0
    X0.06 Y0.03 S0
    X0.03 Y0.06 S0
    X0 Y0.09 S0
    X0 Y0.12 S0
    X0.03 Y0.09 S0

  • Oh and thanks Arne for the suggestion! Will definitely check that out tomorrow..
  • Oh and thanks Arne for the suggestion! Will definitely check that out tomorrow..
  • The S0 at the end of the line means the laser is not set to be on.
    Did you set the values of max and min laser power in the settings?
    You can try setting the min power higher at about 10. L73RRSS6V42J
  • Hi Dipta,

    I see a couple of issues. First you need to update the Darkly Labs PicLaser Lite to the latest version of 1.0.03.

    Download the latest version here:

    The Pixel Resolution your using is way too small. It's based on the laser's focal point & burn line width. I should be close to Arne's screen shot setting. When changing the Pixel Resolution (step ahead and step over) you will need to re-size the Pixel width & height of your image to compensate so it engraves the correct size. If it's set at .254mm, it will calculate and engrave at the size you bring the image into PLL.

    Example: If you use a .127mm Pixel Resolution, you need to double the Pixel
    Size of the image so it will engrave the correct size.

    Also your feedrate is set too high for engraving photos with the EmBlaser. The max limit the EmBlaser's grbl can raster engrave is around 4343mm/min. You will need to set the feedrate based on the material your engraving on below that setting value.

    Here is some suggested settings to start out with.

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