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Lifting up Cutting material

Hi together

Last weekend I needed about 15 passes at 1.8amps to cut a piece of Plywood (afaik it is 3mm, forgot to measure). Even after 15 passes it was not cut through all around because of the differences in the wood. I had to push the parts out of the wood and do some sanding of the edges that were not cut through.

In the meantime I put the laser-current to 2 Amps.

This evening, I did some experiments with cutting. I lifted up the Playwood by 3mm using cut-out pieces from experiments before. I think it cuts through better now and with a cleaner cut. About 8-10 passes are more than enough now to get the part falling out by itself.

I don't think this is all to the higher current, I also think it has to do with lifting the plywood up.

Has someone similar experiences?

Maybe I will do some verification tests next weekend. I'll keep you up to date.



  • I had cut some wood that was not perfectly straight and on the side that was higher up the laser cut better through. Will also do some tests next week. I would like the pieces to fall showing me that the laser has made it all the way through the material.
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    I've seen better results when suspending the material cut as much as possible.

    I use thick cardboard under paper/thin-cardboard I cut. The cardboard ridges give enough space for paper to slightly fall.

    For thicker materials I'm using some large nuts. The nuts keep stuff about 1cm off the bed so the laser is de-focussed enough not to mark the bed by the time the beam hits it.

    The main problem with the cardboard with thick material is that it causes additional smoke.
  • Hi

    So it seems that lifting it up really does a good job. I cutted out some gear wheels and after a few passes it fell down by itself.

    I think that if there is air under the cutted material, the smoke can get out there and does not have to go through the cut to the upper side where it would interfere with the laser beam.
  • I bought some aluminium honeycomb to use as a laser bed, this helps a lot.

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    You could use the existing aluminum plate and a drill press to make a cheap pin table. Generally considered better than honeycomb and potentially much cheaper.

    Instructions at
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