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Upgrade to version 1.5?

Sorry if this has been asked/answered somewhere else (couldn't find anything). I noticed that there is a upgrade kit from version 1.0->1.5 in the Darkly store. What are the advantages of the v1.5 HW? Thanks!


  • Hi Keith,

    We learn't a great deal from the first batch of kits sent out to backers. Mainly with respect to reliability, accuracy and ease of assembly.

    The Upgrade kit is a way for V1.0 kit owners to benefit from the main improvements we have made up to date.

    They include:

    1: Replacing the original linear bearings with new, shorter and more accurate ones. This improves overall accuracy.

    2: Re-designing the Laser Carriage to use 3 bearings instead of two. This eliminates lateral 'play' in the head which could cause repeatability issues when doing very accurate work.

    3: Replacing the plastic belt pulleys with fully metal versions. These are more robust and accurate. The plastic pulleys had a tendency to develop cracks and fail in a few circumstances.

    4: Re-designed the Gantry carriages to not only take the new linear bearings but also mount and support the shoulder bolts in a much stronger way.

    5: Include a front chassis bracket which solves the issues with the belts rubbing against the original bracket.

    6: Include a newly printed (and resized) belt bracket which is stronger and easier to fit and remove without damage.

    Overall, many small tweaks which lead to a much better overall Emblaser.
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