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Buying, and my first attempt at cutting foam sheets.

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I visited the local RIOT art and craft show and found this great pack of A3 size 2mm foam, 10 sheets for only $3.99. I am still playing with the best cutting setting, but my first one came out great (10mm.sec and 95% power). I am going to try a slower speed and lower power. The cog is 185mm wide. (oh sorry the Greensborough store is now out of stock)

Steven (Melbourne, Australia)


  • I just found similar foam at local Spotlight store in Western Australia, they do a multi colour pack of about 200 sheets for $11
  • I've been thinking about cutting sheets like this. It looks like pretty much all this cheap foam is EVA Foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate).

    It doesn't look much less safe to laser-cut than wood(both are mild irritants and carcinogens). Still... vent the fumes! Exposing a rabbit to a vinyl acetate vapor of 2500 ppm for 4 hour kills the rabbit according to the materials sheet.

    The MSDS for vinyl acetate is at
  • Riot in Melbourne QV has the A4 for $9.99 for 6 sheets (glittered is $9.99 for 10 sheets). No A3.

    They claim that all stores are the same price but that's a far cry from $3.99 for 10 sheets of A3.
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