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Cut2D Fill engraving more on the edge

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Hi all

Today I engraved a plastic-box. The plastic engraves really well but then i realised, on the edge of the fill, the engraving is deeper. This is caused because the laser is passing two times nearly the same spot in a short time (as it changes direction at the edge). This causes the plastic to get hotter at that point as it does in the middle of the fill where there is more time to cool down.

Is there any way to tell the laser to switch off at the edge and begin the next line on the other side of the fill? It would take two times as long but it will provide a smoother engraving.

Any help is appreciated


  • Dominic,

    This is not possible with C2D at this time. The tool-path algorithm tries to optimise the cutting time, which is why it does it the way it does.

    I have see this possible with the LaserInk software, which is currently being developed and will support the Emblaser.

    I will contact the developer and ask this question to verify.
  • I have just received the following reply from Nick, the developer of LaserInk:

    "Yes we do support burning in both directions or just one direction this is up to the user.
    As far as burn marks on the edges, one trick that I have developed is to bring my image into paint and but a white border around the image this should fix the edge problem. I am also planning to incorporate this feature into the software so that there is a little run-out at the end of each traverse."

    LaserInk is looking very promising. Nick and his crew have been working at getting the software ready for release. It will have full support for the Emblaser.
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    Hmm, sounds like someone is copying our developed process we have had in our PicEngrave Pro + Laser software well over two years now. We call it "Extended Edge". It sets the laser power to zero when it runs past the engravings edge, so no edge burning occurs.

    The extended edge distance is settable and It has the option to set a slower feedrate so it does not put any stresses on the mechanics of the machine from the inertia of instantly reversing directions.

    If you use a dithered B&W image (PEP5 generates them) and use our Feed Rate Change feature, it will run very fast at max feedrate in white areas and slow and burn in black areas.

    Our developed processes for laser diode image engraving has been extensively tested and proven to work with excellent/consistent results.

    There is no need to only raster engrave in one direction, unless the laser diode does not have an appropriate heat sink to constantly engrave at higher power, or there is backlash issues. There are neither of these problems with the EmBlaser, but PEP5 does have backlash compensation also.

    We offer EmBlaser backers an upgrade from our PicLaser Lite to PicEngrave Pro 5 software and it's available now, so no need to wait.

  • Thanks for the quick replies on this.

    I have a really busy weekend but as soon as time allows I'll take a look into PicEngrave Pro and Laserink.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Our picengrave dot com programs are now available for purchase on the Darkly Labs web site.
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