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Speed Variation

My cutter is deciding to go faster in some places and slower in others resulting in a not good cut in some areas and very scorched in others. There are arcs that as it cuts on 1 side its face and slow on the other for all of the arcs in a circular pattern. Any thoughts?


  • Hi Steven,

    There could be many factors causing this.

    Firstly, can you tell me what streaming program you are using and what o/s you are running it on.

    Is computer doing other tasks in the background while you are streaming a job?

    Can you please send me your cutting file and C2D .crv file. I will see if it does the same on our system.

    We can then start to work our what is happening.

    Pls send to
  • I'm running Windows 7 using the UGS system recommended in instructions. I've also been having the same issue I've seen other people post about with an error message saying 'null" early on in the run and stop moving. In addition to that error, I have run into an issue where it just stops, no error, UGS says its not giving it instructions (numbers not changing) and the laser stays on at full power in the same place! Almost caught fire. When I ran the file twice, it occurred in the same spot and I just paused, and resumed the print and it worked from there on out. That file is the same as the one attached, except running at 50% power instead of 100%.

    I am running some firefox stuff on the computer, but nothing computationally expensive. File is attached. I ran it over paper with this arc issue (many sheets stacked) than ran it over cardboard with better results though I changed the 'line' to a 'fill' for the outer feathers where it was occurring on the arc.

    Sorry to throw two more problems into the mix, they all seem to not be related.
    chief2.crv 17.6M
  • edited April 2015
    I will check this file for you.

    Can you please ensure you have updated C2D to the latest version. There was a bug in the original post-processor file that caused quite a few issues with UGS.

    After the update (via the help menu), you should be running v2.5 of the post processor.

    Also, UGS is not the best program for streaming to the Emblaser. Although it works well for small to medium jobs, it is very unreliable for bigger files. We recommend using it because it is one of the only multi-platform options out there at the moment. It is a good way users to get started and using their machine, but you can outgrow it very quickly.

    Many people have reported excellent results from PicSender, created by the Picengrave team. It is a paid program but well worth its low cost.

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