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Cutting Acrylic

I have some 2mm white (and black) Acrylic that I am trying to cut through, but have not had any success so far. Just wondering if anyone can share their settings for this? I have tried multiple passes at 100%, 5mm/s without luck. Do I need to do anything to the material to help it cut? Any help would be amazing.


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    Hi Simon

    There's a thread about etching acrylic and the guys there have done tests with different colors, maybe you find something useful there. Since I have not tested acrylic yet, I cannot speak from my personal experience.

  • Hi

    I did a test today with a piece of bright neon-green colored acrylic i have found.

    But beside a cool light effect the laser had absolutely no effect on the acrylic. Maybe painting it black is really the only way.

  • Hi Dominic,

    Just wondering what settings was used to get the attached result in the KS table?
  • Hi Simon

    I do not know. I can only speak from my own tests i did with acrylic. So far without any positive result.

    But seen from a physical point, It seems clear, that non-transparent acrylic will cut/engrave better than transparent acrylic since it does not let pass the laser-light and therefore absorbs the energy from the laser.
  • Hi,

    We used the 3watt diode at full it's full current setting, 2.4amps and feed-rate was fairly slow at around 100mm/min.

    Now, please keep in mind that at that current level the lifespan of the diode will be significantly reduced.

    We recommend limiting your maximum current to 2.2-2.3 amps.

    Clear materials are not affected by the laser frequency we use. The more opaque the material, the better it will cut.

    Hope that helps.
  • Hey thanks for the reply. I have since turned up the power to 2.2 amps with a very slow feed rate of 15mm/s. I have my current settings to 4 passes. But the laser will not even touch the surface. I have been trying to cut on 2mm white Acrylic. Just want to know if I am doing something wrong to get these results?
  • Hi Simon

    15mm/s is still 900mm/min... so maybe put it to 100mm/min or 1.6mm/s
    That's 9 times slower and maybe this will put enough energy into the white acrylic to cut it.
  • Hi Dominic,
    Thanks for helping out. Forgot to check the units. I have now tried this and the laser does not even scratch the surface :(
  • Simon,

    We will shortly be running a new batch of tests on acrylics.

    Our supplier has sent us a variety of colors, opacities and thicknesses to test.

    Will keep you updated on what the results are.
  • Hi There,
    Just checking in to see if there is any update on this?
  • I tried cutting 2mm white acrylic last night.

    First attempt I left the protective coating on and this was the result.

    Using 2.2a 100% 100-200mm/sec 1 & 2 passes. None of the cuts went through, but they at least marked it.

    When I removed the protective surface the laser didn't make any impression at all.

    I have previously had some limited success with black acrylic so will try that tonight.
    image.jpeg 2.8M
  • @DarklyLabs : Do you have any results for the tests of the 'new batch of acrylics"?
  • I cut 2mm black acrylic a couple of days ago with the 4 watt unit. I did take the plastic film off before I cut it. My settings were 100pwr, 400mm/min and 4 passes. The laser is switched to max current as well.

    No burning at all and left a nice clean edge :)
    image.jpg 488.8K
  • Cool, have you tried any other colors?
  • This is awesome!! what is the diameter of the smallest circle that you cut?
    Also if you keep the plastic film on does it not cut well?
  • I didn't try leaving the film on yet :) the smallest circle is about 2.8mm was using the piece to measure the kerf for screws and bolts.
  • acrylic 2mm /transparent orange&Black
    cut : 100% 100mm/min 6pass. lens - surface distance=10mm

  • Have anybody successfully cut trough white depron foam? Im trying to cut 2 mm, but no luck.
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