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Connecting and UGS trouble

I have the A3 Emblaser v1.5 and Windows 7.

Per page 13 of instructions:
-Arduino installed
-Latest Java version installed
-Ultimate G-Code Sender installed

Instruction pages 14~15 for power up completed.


Per page 16 of instructions, I performed the steps, got a COM 7 port connection but do not see the Emblaser responding in the Console windo was shown in your instructions.

Proceeding to page 17 (step 3), $H button does nothing.

What can I do? It seems the Emblaser is not communicating. Now what?




  • Hi Eric,

    Is your baud rate set to 115200?
  • Bingo! I see that now in the graphic. Perhaps it should be a part of the install step.

    Thank you.
  • We are revising those steps to make them a lot clearer.

    Glad you are going. Let us know if anything else comes up.
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