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Red Light on - Laser appears to be on from startup

Having an issue starting up. When I power up my unit, the red laser led light comes on solid and I have a low intensity laser. I am connecting it to the Gcodesender and following all the procedures. At first I didn't realize I was having a low intensity laser all the time. I tried pressing the laser button and realized I would get two intensities from the laser and the led. Not sure what is going on.


  • HI Ronald,

    The low intensity light is normal. In that mode the laser is not actually in the 'laser' threshold and safe.

    The fact that the laser light comes on when you power up is not normal.

    Has this just started happening?
    Does it always do it or randomly?
    When you press the laser button does it turn off?

  • I just assembled my Emblaser today and this is the first I am powering it. The LED will not go off.
  • I have just spoken to my engineer and chances are the board code is faulty.

    I will message you directly on organising a replacement.
  • Can't answer a noreply e-mail box. Message came back to me.
  • It should have had a link to access the online message.

    Please use

    thank you,
  • Installed the board today. Works great. Thanks much. Will be getting the "old" board in the mail to you as soon as I can.
  • Great!

    We will dissect it and see where this issue is coming from.
  • Having a similar issue. Able to connect via Universal Gcode Sender, send commands ($X, $H), but laser does not seem to work. Followed the procedures till page 23 of the user manual.

    The red light turns on when pressed, but does not blink. No cuts or marks are made when the test file ( is sent and the laser unit is moving. The red light also doesn't turn off when the button is pressed again, nor when the shroud is removed. Please advise.
  • Ken,

    We will contact you directly for a replacement.
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