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Problem with registration of holes in chassis top


I am running into 2 issues:
The first, which may be a non issue is that 2 of the ball bearings came out of one of the linear bearings. Not sure if this is a problem, but figured I would mention it.

The second is that the holes in the chassis top are not registered (aligned) properly and are all offset by 1-2 mm, which is enough that the right hand side of the gantry rubs against the chassis top and binds up when sliding. Pictures are attached.



  • Hi Michael,

    Regarding the top panel, this is an incorrectly manufactured part.
    We will send you a replacement part immediately.

    Two small bearings will not have any impact on the performance of the Emblaser.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • Thank you for the prompt response!
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