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ESD protection?

Hi Domenic,

We received our EmBlaser and it was very nicely packed, I do have to say. We are working on assembly now and was wondering if your driver board has ESD protection built in? I know the 9mm LD's have this protection inside them, if it's a Nichia, but I had them fail in the past because of a static charge. If the board does not have added ESD protection, then can a Lasorb be added to the LD wires at the head without causing any issues to the EmBlaser driver board?



  • HI Jeff,
    The 9mm diodes have built in ESD protection (5.5mm diodes do not).

    There is no problem adding an Lasorb into the wiring on the laser head if you want. It will not cause any issues with the driver board.
  • More on EMF than ESD but along the same lines.

    I noticed that when the Emblaser is turned off, if you move the carriage by hand the green LED lights up. Presumably the motors are acting as "generators" in this case.

    Is this a cause for concern with potential back-EMF damaging the board ?
  • Hi David,

    The gantry and laser head can be moved back and forward without risk to any of the electronics as long as they are not moved around extremely rapidly (which could do more than damage the electronics).

    Moving the laser head around at the same pace that it runs at will generate some back emf but it is no where near any amount that will cause any concern.
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